Longer life for an old TYPO3 6.2 website?

From April 2017, bugfix and security updates will no longer be published for TYPO3 6.2.

You can extend the support period by purchasing a so-called ELTS plan, but we recommend investing in an upgrade of your website instead. A lot has happened over the last few years, and the new TYPO3 8 LTS is a fantastic tool.

The TYPO3 Association releases a new TYPO3 version with long-time support every 18 months. In addition to new features and improvements, free updates are published approximately every second month. The updates correct mistakes and improve security. This makes it possible for the TYPO3 Association to provide support over time, and at the same time continue development of new features.

If you have a website in need of a longer life, the ELTS plan will add two years extra, meaning TYPO3 6.2 can be supported until 2019.

Stretch the site's life or upgrade?

If you have a website based on TYPO3 6.2, you have two options:

  1. Upgrade your site and use the newest TYPO3 version.
  2. Extend support by purchasing an ELTS plan.

If you have an even older TYPO3 version installed, the choice is easy: You should upgrade your site as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that older versions are secure and will continue to work. Your customers will most likely appreciate a modernized site.

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