Upgrade Campaign!

Throughout June and July, Pixelant is running an upgrade campaign for a limited number of customers.

This is a special offer directed at you who are using TYPO3 version 4 or 6. At a favorable price, we will upgrade your CMS to the latest version. We will also handle the entire project, including content migration and styling. Our new TYPO3 7 based platform contains the latest security updates, as well as responsive design. It is also considerably faster.

While we are taking care of your upgrade, you will be able to relax and leave your concerns to us. After the holidays, you will be greeted by a new and beautiful web site.

Below is a selection of the new functions you will find in TYPO3 7.x.

  • World class localization handling
  • Role based logins
  • Integration with social media
  • Image handling (crop, scale, rotate, lighten, darken and sharpen)
  • A design that adapts to four screen sizes: smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop
  • Super fast Solr based search
  • Contact form
  • A complete Google Analytics implementation
  • Dashboard
  • SEO tools for your Search Engine Optimization


Small Medium Large
50 pages migration and styling 100 pages migration and styling 200 pages migration and styling
Training Training Training
10h design 20h design 30h design
Social stream Social stream
Multilingual Multilingual
Subscription module Subscription module
Existing customers: Existing customers: Existing customers:
USD 4800 / GBP 3300 / CHF 4700 USD 8500 / GBP 5800 / CHF 8300 USD 12200 / GBP 8400 / CHF 11900
Standard price: Standard price: Standard price:
USD 7300 / GBP 5000 / CHF 7100 USD 11700 / GBP 8000 / CHF 11400 USD 16600 / GBP 11400 / CHF 16200

Do you have any questions?
Feel free to contact Mathias Bolt Lesniak
[email protected]remove-this.pixelant.no
+47 473 28 734