Package solution for cost-effective website development


For a group with a large number of companies, there is much to gain from a centralized web site development platform. The platform must be both robust and highly flexible, which requires solid technical skills and a great understanding of the needs of the different businesses.

About Addtech

Addtech is a Swedish, publicly traded technology trading group consisting of approximately 120 independent companies selling high-tech products and solutions to customers in manufacturing and infrastructure in 20 countries.

The assignment

Addtech wants to create optimal conditions for the company's business, for example by providing a customized platform for web pages. We developed a modular platform with design templates including all the features the companies need, including product management. We train users and provide access to quality assurance, management and support centrally.

The package solution has given Addtech the opportunity to merge many companies and a large number of products, while giving each company the opportunity to customize their website as needed. In this way, the Group's business values are optimized.

Project description

Responsive website

  • Development
  • Concept & design
  • Mobile responsivness
  • Education & consultation
  • Support & maintenance

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