Digital Optimization in TYPO3

Use Siteimprove When Editing

Detailed insights into quality assurance, accessibility, and marketing on every page.

Optimize Quality Assurance, Accessibility, and Marketing

When editors manage large amounts of content across several websites and in diverse languages, you need an automated way to monitor your content. Sitemprove's cloud-based software monitors and checks your website, making it easy to understand, prioritize, and optimize content-specific and general performance.

Integration Partnership with Siteimprove

Pixelant and Siteimprove are working closely on deepening the integration between TYPO3 and Siteimprove. More advanced features are in development and updates are released often. 

As Siteimprove has built a reputation as one of the world’s most popular digital optimization intelligence platforms, the collaboration is a natural fit.


  • Real-time widget
  • Optimize and track content while editing
  • Spelling, broken link, and readability checks
  • Page view synopsis
  • Analysis summary
  • Immediate feedback on publish
  • Deeplinking (new in version 1.4): Click the "Edit in CMS" button within the Siteimprove platform to jump straight to the right page in TYPO3.

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