Oracle Hospitality Opera Cloud Services

Next-Generation Hotel Management in TYPO3 CMS

Bringing the power of one of the world's most popular hotel management solutions to TYPO3.

A Complete TYPO3 CMS Integration for Your Hotel Management Software

We have created an in-depth integration between it and Oracle Hospitality’s Opera Cloud Services platform and TYPO3 CMS. The integration includes a user-friendly native frontend booking flow and access to property management and integration logs for debugging in the backend.

The customer-facing interface was implemented using the vue.js framework, providing a snappy user experience with near-instant page loads. The system has been implemented to allow customers to drop off from the site and continue the booking process at a later time.


  • Native TYPO3 CMS
  • Booking recall for returning visitors
  • Easy back-end transaction logging
  • Fast vue.js-based frontend

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