Professional Content Management

Powerful and Easily Managed Websites With TYPO3

More Than 9000 Features

TYPO3 has been developing non-stop since 1997. Continuously improved and modernized, the content management system is at the leading edge, with a number of important core features years ahead of the competition.

Access Permissions
Effortless Inline Editing
Clear Structure
Open Source – No License Fee

Extended Functionality

We develop and publish additional TYPO3 functionality as public extensions.


With our partners in the TYPO3 community, we developed an advanced website building framework for TYPO3.

Product Manager

Search engine optimized product database with advanced attribute management and synchronization with external data sources.

Reseller Map

A shop finder helping site visitors locate stores based on geolocation and place name search.

Social Feed

List social media feeds on the website in a sleek design, fully integrated in the page layout.

Front End Editor

Edit and add content to your website by directly manipulating text and images.

External Integrations

TYPO3 is easy to integrate with external services. These are only a few of the many we have created and maintain.


Connect your website to a powerful and versatile PIM used by some of the world's greatest brands.


Publish and fetch forms and data from the powerful CRM within TYPO3.


Upload your videos directly through TYPO3. Vzaar optimizes your video and embeds it on your pages.


Pick and synchronize images and documents directly from this powerful media management platform.


Take a better hold of your sales leads. See who has visited your site and contact them.


Guarantee the quality and compliance of your TYPO3 content with instant analysis when editing.