Editing a Website Has Never Been Easier

What-You-See-is-What-You-Get Editing for Every TYPO3 User

TYPO3 Frontend Editor — Crowdfunded and Built by Pixelant

Happy Editors Create Great Content

Editing should be straight-forward and easy, even in a professional content management system. An editor in love with the CMS will not only produce excellent content, but reduces the load on support staff and management.

The Frontend Editor also makes the everyday editing work faster and more inspiring.

Community Supported

The Frontend Editor was made possible by a €65,000 crowdfunding campaign, widely supported by agencies, individuals, and end-customers in the TYPO3 community. This shows how open source software enables otherwise competing businesses to join forces and build an even better product.

TYPO3 CMS has included different forms of frontend editing for more than a decade, but it has never been as powerful as now.

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  • Click any text on the website and start typing
  • Drag and drop new elements on to the page
  • Fully usable navigation
  • Text styling options available
  • Page tree available as a drop-down