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"We're proud to offer our visitors a responsive site"

Kajsa Hindberg, Webmaster at TePe Munhygienprodukter AB



Pixelant has been working with TePe Munhygienprodukter AB, a Malmö-based family company that designs, develops and produces dental care products, for several years. Working in conjunction with TePe, we have developed the company's intranet, several campaign sites and the global website.

TePe Munhygienprodukter AB has subsidiaries in several different countries, and so has stringent requirements in respect of a multilingual website. We started to build their external site in 2009 using TYPO3, which makes it possible to work in several language layers. The site is now available in 7 different languages.

The latest project was launched in 2014 - a completely responsive site that works in all divisions.



"Choosing TYPO3 as our CMS and Pixelant as our provide has made it possible for us to work in several language layers. We're active throughout the world and so it's important to be able to tailor information as far as we can. The goal is to have a site that is as accessible as possible to visitors regardless of where they are located or if they are using a smartphone, tablet or computer. With Pixelant's new platform, we've managed to achieve just that."

Kajsa Hindberg, Web editor Tepe
Kajsa Hindberg Web editor Tepe

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