TYPO3 is Built for Effective Writing

Learn how to Save 30% on Writing—Read 70% Faster

Using TYPO3 the right way, editors will write better content and SEO, more quickly.

TYPO3 is built to help you structure your content to be read and understood. Make the most of it—learn our unique and proven method.

Well-written content is search engine-optimized and drives online conversion. It will even improve other written materials, such as emails and documents. We have the expertise and holistic approach that will get you there.

Not Just a Time Saver

Our method aids your writing process and is easy to learn. You can use it from day one, and it covers both structure, language, layout, and how you use it within TYPO3.

Short, simple, concrete, and direct. The method puts the reader's needs front and center. That will not only help your website, but can also help you write with a clear message and structure everywhere—even in lenghty documents and reports—a dream for all decision makers.

Decades of Experience and Excellent Feedback

The method's concept has been developed and perfectioned for more than 25 years of courses and consulting in the Scandinavian government and private business sectors.

By adding tested web writing best practices and TYPO3's editing workflow, Pixelant is able to offer courses and writing help that go beyond what many others teach. Our holistic approach is easy to grasp, but covers more ground, leading to better results in more areas of your online strategy.

That 94% of course participants give it their top rating shold be proof enough.

Our customers tell us they read 70% faster and save 30% when writing.

Let us Show You

Book a demo, and we will show you how our courses improve your writing workflow.

  • Courses for 5 to 25
  • 3 hours to 2 days
  • On-site or online
  • Text review and feedback
  • Custom forms and templates
  • Works in any language

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Efficient and Scalable

  • Comprehensive: Covers structure, language, and layout.
  • Quick start: Can be used from day one.
  • Customizable to specific needs to further increase efficiency.
  • Holistic: Improves more than just website texts.

Example Courses

Our courses can be tailored to suit your needs. These are three examples of standard course setups.

Introductory Course for Management

Learn the principles of good web writing using our method and discover how it can be used on the website and elsewhere. We use examples from your website to demonstrate how it can be applied by the organization.

Duration: 3 hours
Participants: 4–8
Example price: €1500/course

Introductory Course for Groups or Teams

Learn the principles of good web writing using our method and discover how it can be used on the website and elsewhere. We use examples from your website.

Duration: 3 hours
Participants: 15–25
Example price: €2500/course

Complete Course for Groups or Teams

Learn to use the principles of good web writing using our method, adapted to the specifics of your organization’s needs. The course uses examples from your website, as well as texts and documents submitted by the participants beforehand. We explain how the principles can be implemented and assured by managers. All participants receive a complete course compendium.

Duration: 6 hours
Participants: 15–25
Example price: €4000/course

All prices exclude costs for travel and lodging, as well as any applicable taxes.