t3kit — A Natural Starting Point

The TYPO3 Template Package for Agencies

Time-saving and packed with features, it is the natural starting point for any website project, big or small.

Lightweight and Powerful

t3kit is made for you who need a powerful base to start from. It includes great effects and features for building creative experiences. However, unlike most templates, we have not packed in megabytes of cluttered code and slow-loading eye candy that is almost impossible to change.


t3kit comes preconfigured with best-practice defaults. t3kit contains optimized configurations for a number of common extensions, ensuring that your site will work without a glitch, straight out of the box.


t3kit is made to be customized. The Template module allows you to change colors and enable or disable design features with the click of a button. Everything else is laid out in well-organized LESS (CSS), Fluid and TypoScript.


A good template delivers a speedy site. It delivers responsive images, and compressed files where possible, and we are constantly working to deliver more and better optimizations. 

For Search Engine Optimization, we even include an SEO tool, and the default configuration gives your sites an excellent starting point.


It can be the complete solution for a lot of sites, but some projects require more than what t3kit has to offer. Inspired by the TYPO3 core, we have built t3kit to be easy to extend and build upon. That is why t3kit is not just a package for one sector, or for small sites. It is built to be customized for any size and specification.


The website is a big investment for your customer. We have built t3kit to ensure that it and TYPO3 are platforms that can grow with your projects and adapt to new requirements and versions. Our goal is to make upgrading t3kit and TYPO3 a service you and your customer will not think twice about doing. Low effort and low cost.

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A Community Project

Thousands of hours have been invested in t3kit by the project partners. Some of the world’s most experienced TYPO3 agencies collaborate to build and maintain t3kit. We share the work and make TYPO3 even greater.

A number of TYPO3 community members have also contributed to the project at the Github code repository.

The Strength of Open Source

Building a template package together, as a community, gives the customer the best solution.

With t3kit, we pooled the knowledge of multiple agencies into one solid product. It is no longer about how one angency prefers it, but a question of finding the objective best-practice approach.