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"We can now set up a new website in one day"

Paul Friberg, Head of Digital Marketing Management at Meda AB


When, in 2008, Swedish pharmaceuticals company Meda AB contacted us looking for a new corporate website, we saw an assignment with almost limitless possibilities. Meda has a presence in 55 countries and is in continual communication with customers in around half of these.

Three years later, Meda decided to migrate a large part of their country and product websites to a new CMS. Pixelant was given this challenging assignment - resulting in 50 new websites in about six months!

We also help Meda build templates and modules that allow them to easily adapt their websites for different countries' markets and target audiences, as well as the graphic profiles of the company's products. Sometimes, we also adapt site design and assist with content population.

"Our collaboration with Pixelant is largely based on daily dialogue. We talk about how we can streamline our business by building templates that can be used for multiple country or product sites. We also discuss which special solutions Pixelant can help us with. Because Meda is an international group, it is important that all our websites are compliant with the rules in the various countries."


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