5 SEO Tips to Improve Your TYPO3 Site’s Ranking

What is the real secret behind a website with high Google search result ranking? According to Google, it is all about adapting your site to your imagined visitor, as well as optimizing the technology. Here are five quick tips.

“The devil is in the detail”, is a much-used quote attributed to German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. He’s right, of course, even when it comes to increasing a site’s ranking in search engine results.

When you’re working with SEO, it can take some time before you see the results of your work. That is because it takes time for search engines to index your site, but there are a few tricks that can make the results come faster, and TYPO3 is the perfect tool.

1. Check Your Organic Traffic

Go to Google Analytics and look at how large a part of your traffic is organic. This percentage says a lot about how well your site’s content and search keywords work.

A high percentage of organic traffic is good.

A low percentage could mean you are using the wrong search words or have too many search words in Google Ads (AdWords). If this is your issue, you can make improvements at once.

If you don’t have it already, create a content strategy outlining how you would like your site’s content to help you reach your marketing and communication goals. From a content strategy standpoint, TYPO3 is probably the best CMS out there.

2. Adjust Call-to-Actions on Your Landing Pages

A common website problem is bad choices of call-to-actions, that is the buttons and links that encourage the customer to do something: “Order”, “View Products”, “Contact us”, etc. With unclear call-to-actions, you will lose out on visitors and your Google Ads campaigns won’t work as intended.

By looking through your call-to-actions and making them clearer—what is the customer supposed to do?—you can create a large increase in the conversion rate. This is especially true for your organic landing pages.

Higher conversion and click rate indicates an increase in the quality of your website, which will contribute to improve your ranking.

In TYPO3, a good idea is to use a specific style or content element type (such as a button) for your call-to-actions. That will make them stand out and make it easier to track their performance.

3. Reduce Your Site’s Load Time

Many technical factors affect your website’s search engine ranking, such as:

  • Speed

  • Mobile friendliness

  • Content’s relevance to the visitor

  • User experience

The technical side affects your visitors’ behavior when navigating your site. To see how you can improve it, you can audit it using a tool. We’re very fond of Siteimprove, and have created the official Siteimprove TYPO3 integration.

Many sites load too slowly. By removing large image files you can make your site load faster and improve your ranking. TYPO3 supports powerful image optimization, so you have an easier way than many others. Last year, TYPO3 was recently rated as the world’s fastest CMS based on speed data collected by Google Chrome.

4. Prioritize Search Keywords Based on Your Own Customers

What is the goal of your SEO efforts? Many will answer “attract more traffic to my site”, which is not wrong, of course. You can work with popular keywords and attract a lot of traffic.

However, in order to get high-quality traffic and drive sales conversions you will also have to specify and rank keywords based on your own customers and visitors.

Look at what keywords your site is receiving search engine ranking for today and what visitors you have. What are they googling for and how do they find your site? Search results and ranking has started becoming increasingly personal, based on your customers’ previous searches, geography and web history, so this is something you have to watch closely.

5. Adapt Your Presentation to Your SEO

It’s not unusual that search engine optimization leads to the discovery of a new target group or a new way to use your products and services. Your visitors’ search behavior can uncover demand for something you are not offering today—a new business opportunity.

Look at the possibility to shape product and service presentations based on your SEO insights. This allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

You can increase your awareness of your visitors and customers’ needs through your SEO work and use it to take your products and services to the next level. Our TYPO3 Product Manager is perfect for creating optimized presentations of large product portfolios.

Contact us to learn more
about how we can help you optimize your website. We will be happy to analyze both your TYPO3 installation and your keywords, showing you what steps to take next.

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