How Good Is Your Site? Evaluate it With One Click

See how well your website is ranking and performing compared to the competition. Get a list of all missing links and spelling mistakes and solve the problems at once for better SEO, page load, and search engine ranking.

You can do all of this in Siteimprove, our favorite tool to use with TYPO3. This is how it can help your website and digital marketing efforts:

After having tested a wide range of digital tools through the years, we stuck with Siteimprove. We really think this tool will simplify your day as a TYPO3 website owner, content editor, or online marketer.

The reason is that Siteimprove is a unique all-in-one tool for analyzing your website’s traffic, conversions, and ranking. Siteimprove scans your entire website and provides a comprehensive report over everything that needs to be fixed—and you can fix it all directly from within the tool.

Siteimprove Checks and Rates Your Site’s Health

Some of the things you get rated on are

  • Your site’s SEO status

  • How user friendly it is

  • The content quality

  • Mobile responsiveness

  • How legible your pages are

All compared to other websites in your business area.

List Technical Errors to Fix on Pages

  • Typos

  • Broken links

  • Too heavy image files

  • Missing meta information

… and much more.

Other tools can help you this far too. However, the next step usually requires that you log in to your site and look up the error manually in order to fix it. That is both awkward and time consuming.

Stop Looking—Improve Your Site from Within Siteimprove

Siteimprove does not only give you a report listing that needs to be improved on your site. It can even fix the error directly through the tool. You can click on every individual error and jump directly into TYPO3 to solve them. It is that quick!

We have partnered with Siteimprove to develop the official TYPO3 integration, and it is great to see our customers benefit directly from the partnership in this way.

Even when it comes to data privacy, Siteimprove is your friend. The tool scans your website looking for personal information, auditing your data privacy and European GDPR compliance.

How Siteimprove Can Simplify Your Work

These reap the greatest benefits from a Siteimprove integration:

  • Website editors, content managers, copywriters, and marketers who regularly publish content on your company website. Siteimprove helps with search engine optimizing keywords, spell checking, and adapt the content to the right target group during publication.

  • Website managers who would like to be certain their site’s external links and buttons are always working. When something stops working, Siteimprove will alert you—for example, if a link does not work.

  • IT staff will get early warnings about errors and signs of immediate failure or connection issues.

  • Marketers who would like to document the website’s results. Both how well it is ranked in search results compared to the competition, as well as its general search engine ranking, etc.

Try Siteimprove

Are you also curious about Siteimprove? We will be happy to give you a quick demo of the tool. Just fill in the contact form below or choose a demo date on the Siteimprove TYPO3 Integration page.

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