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A TYPO3 Package for Universities

The TYPO3 Company’s Higher Education Package confirms TYPO3’s long-standing role as the CMS of choice within the education sector. It is becoming the benchmark for speed, upgradability, and affordability for University websites world-wide.

The new package was presented at this year’s TYPO3 University Days in Mainz, Germany. Pixelant was there, and the outlook is promising.

TYPO3 is the only open source content management system with its own fully-owned service company, tasked with the development and support of the CMS. Well-supported and solid products with vendor-level service level agreements are two of the results that appeal to organizations, agencies, and leading universities globally.

Education-Specific Features and Services

The Higher Education Package is a TYPO3 installation tailored to the needs of educational institutions serving many editors and websites.

In addition to the features already present in TYPO3, such as ease of use, low total cost of ownership, and unlimited sites and users, these are our favorite features:

  • User and hands-on technical support is included for at least five years.

  • Feature updates are also included, in addition to the usual bug and security fixes.

  • You can take part in deciding new features and receive reimbursements for features you contribute.

  • The package is optimized for easy upgrades, ensuring that all content rendering is compatible with new versions.

An Affordable Premium Offering

Like in many other open source projects, the Higher Education Package is a premium product where you pay for access to the software and the tie-in services.

Compared to the license fees of many proprietary closed-source content management systems, the cost is still a minor matter. The source code of the Higher Education Package is, and will always be open. You are in reality paying for further development and the professional support services.


Please contact us if you would like more information or need a technical partner for your standard or Higher Education Package-based TYPO3 installation.

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