Five Reasons to Choose TYPO3 v9 LTS

If your business takes GDPR, SEO, and security seriously, the newest long-term-support release of TYPO3 CMS should be at the top of your team’s agenda. Here are five reasons to make it a priority.

Reason 1: Upgrading or Installing Has Never Been Easier

Limping along with an old or outdated content management system is a high-risk game, putting your customers’ trust and future business opportunities at play. In some countries, running outdated website software can even be a legal offense.

Unfortunately, the choice to upgrade the existing CMS or install a new one is often prioritized as if it was a short-term expense.

To make this easier, TYPO3 v9 LTS includes tools to analyze your existing installation and suggests solutions to any compatibility issues blocking an upgrade.

Reason 2: Being Serious About Data Privacy and GDPR

The European Union’s directive on data privacy, GDPR, focuses on protecting personal data from insecure storage — and subsequent compromise and misuse — is admirable. It should be your goal too.

To assist you in this, TYPO3 is GDPR compliant by default, helping you prevent your website from exposing sensitive data. Through a user-expandable set of features, TYPO3 can automatically anonymize IP-addresses and remove inactive users.

Reason 3: TYPO3 is the Fastest CMS in the World

Your choice of content management system can play a large role in your search engine ranking. Speedy page delivery is a factor to be considered, especially when dealing with mobile views.

TYPO3 was recently shown to be the CMS with the fastest data delivery. TYPO3’s core uses speed-enhancing caching technology and can compress and deliver optimized code by default. The most recent release also includes support for image compression methods that make images smaller – without compromising quality.

The new CMS version also includes a number of traditional SEO features by default, all with best-practice configuration to bring you the best results possible.

Reason 4: Security is King

When an important security issue in the PHP scripting language was discovered, it took another popular CMS more than 18 months to address the issue. TYPO3’s Security Team spent only three days, and they released the patch in a general, independent form so all PHP-based software could use it (approximately 80% of all websites).

Every version of TYPO3 adds more and better security measures. Keeping your installation up-to-date is important, but no software is ever guaranteed to be secure. Accordingly, rapid response from those in charge of issuing security patches is even more important, and The TYPO3 Security Team are speedy indeed.

Reason 5: Start Now for Longest Possible Support

“LTS” means Long Term Support – far into the next decade. With three years of standard support and the option of purchasing at least three additional years of extended support, upgrading or installing TYPO3 now will give you the longest possible support for your website.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about TYPO3, or if we can help you upgrade your site to the latest and greatest version.

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