AviX Sees 100% More Leads After Website Investment

The goal was to build the market's best website when Solme and Pixelant teamed up to build a new online presence for the AviX software suite. After the successful launch, the time was right to hit the global market. Since then, the site has been continuously optimized, with traffic pouring in.

When the Swedish software company AviX needed a new website, a few years ago, they contacted Pixelant. The initial goal was to launch a modern, responsive, and search engine optimized website. The cooperation began with strategic analysis covering requirements, target groups, and competition. 

“We quickly realized we could develop the market's best website, and set that as our goal. The new website was built in TYPO3 CMS, on a technical and visual level far above what is usual for this type of B2B-sites,” says Pixelant's key account manager Pablo Magana.

The Right Platform for Global Business Growth

AviX is a niche software for the manufacturing industry that has seen a steady growth with a solid Swedish user base.

“It was strategically important for us to reach out globally, and it required the right digital platform,” says Solme's digital strategy manager Christian Ehrensvärd. “We viewed a website as the focal point needed to open the doors to new markets.”

Results Well Beyond Expectations

During the four years since the initial launch, avix.eu has shown that you can get far with a well-built website and a basic newsletter. No other active marketing channels have been used, as it was important to build a sustainable market presence over short-term ad-based traffic.

The results have been impressive:

  • Roughly 40% more traffic to the site in four years.
  • 198% more traffic from the strategically important US market.
  • 70% faster page load outside the EU in one year.
  • 100% more leads from 2017 to 2018.

Close Collaboration for Continuous Optimization

Since the launch, the website has been in constant development, both technical upgrades and traffic analysis, to target the content and improve traffic flow.

Christian Ehrensvärd values the uninterrupted dialog: “The cooperation has meant a lot to us and Pixelant's key account manager has been a valuable advisor. It feels good, and we have met excellent competence within every area. I especially appreciate the transparent costs. We receive no surprise invoices along the way, and any changes in the original quote is communicated clearly and well in advance.”

Increased Investment Going Forward

The website has been prepared for additional functionality that will improve the user experience, and the infrastructure for setting up new websites adapted to local markets is ready to use.

We are new at a point where it is clear that the website is creating real results. Going forward, I have been given the opportunity to focus my work entirely on this venture, so it will generate even better results,” Christian Ehrensvärd remarks.

AviX—for Better Design and Production Processes

AviX is a complete software suite for analysis and optimization of design and production processes.

“The first step to improving something is to measure it. AviX allows you to systematically analyze and trim manual manufacturing processes. The goal is to work smarter by letting effectivization and ergonomy go hand in hand,” says Christian Ehrensvärd, digital strategy manager at Solme.

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