Beyond SEO: A Corporate Website’s Way to Success

With many editors and large websites, you need an automated way to monitor content across several websites. Siteimprove is one of the most popular platforms for just that, and Pixelant has brought it into TYPO3. Compatibility with TYPO3 v9 LTS was just released.

Siteimprove is not your average SEO tool. It could mean more to your business than you think. It is an advanced digital optimization tool covering everything from spelling and accessibility to policy and security—and it is a perfect match with TYPO3 CMS.

Professional Content Management and Enterprise Quality Assurance

When your organization reaches a certain size, website quality assurance becomes a different ball game.

Complicated text could drastically reduce your sales—and a sentence that works well in one country could be offensive or illegal in another. Reaching out to many cultures and in diverse languages has its challenges.

While TYPO3 is great for managing content and maintaining your growing websites, it does not coach the editor or analyze your website’s use and performance. It needs a dancing partner.

Many Siteimprove customers use TYPO3, and many Pixelant customers use Siteimprove, so it was natural for Pixelant and Siteimprove to collaborate on a TYPO3 integration. Now, you can see the analysis without leaving TYPO3. Siteimprove for TYPO3 makes live analysis results available in a sidebar within the editing backend.

Website Editors—Your Brand Protectors

As an editor, you are a highly valued employee. They are custodians of your websites, and thus vital to your organization’s public image.

Siteimprove monitors

  • Spelling and external links

  • Readability levels

  • Accessibility conformance

  • High-priority policies

  • Technical, content, user experience, and mobile SEO

  • Page visits and page views

  • Feedback rating and comments

At Pixelant, we help editors and site owners throughout the site’s entire lifetime. Siteimprove can filter information and show only the issues you can solve yourself, speeding up issue resolution, improving quality, and increasing the website’s impact—without involving our agency’s integrators and developers.

This frees up resources to focus on technical improvements and saves money for the customer.

Unique: The Future of Siteimprove for TYPO3

TYPO3’s content model is uniquely suited to optimize content, and we are working with Siteimprove to create an even tighter integration that takes advantage of these benefits:

  • Individual content element analysis will allow you to see performance and quality of individual content elements, not just the entire page.

  • Click straight through from issues in Siteimprove’s online dashboard to the affected page in TYPO3’s backend.

  • Analysis widget in the Frontend Editor, in addition to the current backend widget.

Siteimprove and TYPO3 is the perfect match, and the two complement each other wonderfully. There will be no better way to make a better website.

Would like to know more about Siteimprove and how to use it with your TYPO3 website and save time, money and effort? Contact us, and we will help you get started.

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