Will You Still Profit From Your Website Next Year?

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Maximizing return on investment for your website means you have to be a present, active participant in all three phases of your website’s life. After one and two, the third phase is often forgotten — even though it’s where the real money lies.

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Give Your Site “The Best CMS We Have Ever Released”

We are quoting Mathias Schreiber, the CEO of the TYPO3 Company, and he’s right: TYPO3 is not only a great content management system, but one that is aimed at business users with professional features and performance. It’s time to use TYPO3 v10 LTS.

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Best Enterprise Website 2019—Made by Pixelant

Pixelant has received the TYPO3 Award 2019 in the category Best Enterprise Website for our work on Villeroy & Boch Gustavsberg’s new online property. The site is the result of our focus on corporate web solutions combined with a close and productive client-agency collaboration.

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Two TYPO3 Award Nominations

We are thrilled to have been nominated for 2019's TYPO3 Award in the categories Enterprise and Tourism. Our websites for Gustavsberg and Cabinn Hotels made it to the short list in competition with 200 other projects.

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AviX Sees 100% More Leads After Website Investment

The goal was to build the market's best website when Solme and Pixelant teamed up to build a new online presence for the AviX software suite. After the successful launch, the time was right to hit the global market. Since then, the site has been continuously optimized, with traffic pouring in.

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Look Ahead: TYPO3 v10—X Times Stronger

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Reliability, predictability, and easier upgrades is on the mind of the developers of your favorite content management system. It is all about being stronger together. Let us reveal some of the things that will make your website even better.

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How Good Is Your Site? Evaluate it With One Click

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See how well your website is ranking and performing compared to the competition. Get a list of all missing links and spelling mistakes and solve the problems at once for better SEO, page load, and search engine ranking.

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5 SEO Tips to Improve Your TYPO3 Site’s Ranking

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What is the real secret behind a website with high Google search result ranking? According to Google, it is all about adapting your site to your imagined visitor, as well as optimizing the technology. Here are five quick tips.

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Increasing the Value of Each Hotel Booking

Danish hotel chain Cabinn chose Pixelant to build their new website. It is built to add value to every booking through up-sells and full integration of Oracle’s Opera Cloud Services and Dibs payments with TYPO3 CMS.

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