New service: “The Small SEO Package”

For increased organic traffic and more leads from the website. Monthly reports with statistics, analysis, and suggested improvements.

How Organic are Your Website Visitors?

This is the most relevant question you should ask yourself if you wonder what you get back from your website. We are talking about the organic traffic; visitors finding their way to your site through a search engine. Visits from ads do not count.

How do You Increase the Organic Traffic?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), statistics and adjustments is the answer. Google is always moving the standard forward to ensure that your searches return the most relevant content. Everyone working with SEO has to follow in their tracks.

It is all about search engine ranking. How far to the top of the search results will users find your site when using your primary keywords? The competition is fierce and ever-increasing. A good ranking is a perishable good. Regular analysis and optimization is required to keep on top.

What is a Website Contact Request Worth?

What is an email with a question or even an order worth to you? What does it cost to get the same contact through other means, including all costs and working hours? Considering this, the hours you invest in SEO can be precious indeed. That is where Pixelant's Small SEO Package comes in.

Pixelant's Small SEO Package

We have created the package based on our customers' demand for constant website optimization, analysis, and reporting. Customers using our SEO services consistently increase their website traffic. The package includes:

  • SEO audit of your site*

  • Setup of our statistics and analysis tools*

  • Optimizing the site (adjustments)

  • Measuring

  • Monthly reports with statistics, analysis, and suggestions for continued improvements

  • Monthly price: EUR 500 / CHF 600 / GBP 400 / USD 600 for at least three months.

* Only once per site.


  • Learn about your visitors, what they are looking for and what pages are most attractive.

  • Receive general tips and suggestions for improvement.

  • Receive a complete report once a month.

  • Free up your own time

  • The site is gradually improved and gets better at reaching your goals.

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